The New IE:

There is NO OTHER PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM in North America like Image Explorations, and we are working to make it even better.

We have a new home for Summer 2018, and for the summer of 2017, we are putting on a very intimate advanced week of advanced portraiture. If you are interested in our 2017 experience, contact

While online education is the rage and has value … Testimonials consistently say that the hands on learning, plus an environment where there are no distractions, leads to a true understanding and application of skills. It’s hands on learning that gives you the “EDGE” over weekenders. You embed photographic, business and marketing skills that will insure a vibrant professional business and exceptional artistic vision.

The key is a balance of world class instructors (not platform personalities with product to sell), a new venue and an intimate group of 25 photographers all working and sharing together. IE chooses its instructor team based on a proven record of teaching and all instructors come from very successful business backgrounds. They don’t just “talk” about it… they actually do it everyday.

What does the new IE week look like?

Sunday starts with a bonus program. Past speakers have included Arthur Rainville, David Trust and Dane Sanders. We hope to inspire you in business, photographic knowledge and creativity.

  • Sunday: 5-9 pm. Dinner, introductions and off to class for our first session. Following class, the bar is open for relaxing and networking.
  • Monday is a jam-packed day. After the evening class, we relax and enjoy the company of other photographers.
  • Tuesday is another full day of classes including our legendary IE Supershoot.
  • Wednesday is the last day of classes. Tying the weeks learning together and making goals for success as a photographer and a business owner
  • Thursday morning is hugs and tears and promises to stay in touch through the year.

Come away from your daily grind and spend 4 and a half days with us in the most beautiful setting a photography workshop can have. RE-CONNECT, BE  RE-FRESHED and BE  INSPIRED with some of the top industry professionals. Learn with real hands on classes and one on one experiences from morning to night with other amazing photographers in your community.



Print Lab

At IE we have a state of the art printing lab where you can work with Langara College Photography instructors to help bring your images to life. They will help you with image production, Photoshop and anything else you have questions about, plus you will walk away with your image printed on Hahnemuhle fine art paper. Sponsored by Hahnemuhle.

Equipment Rental:

We are arranging equipment rentals for your weekly shoots.