What Students Are Saying#


“Thanks Again for hosting Image Explorations. I know you and Carol put a lot of work year round into the 5 day experience at Shawnigan Lake – and it shows. Of course your team of volunteers help to make it all work flawlessly!
The Food, and Lodging were great.The Corporate sponsors were very generous and the theme events were lots of fun!
My course with Jack Davis was exceptional! I have been a follower of his Photoshop Wow books for many years – it was amazing to sit in his class and learn from the master. I think most in our class would like to come back next year for a new PS program.”

Thanks Again

_MG_3303“In the last seven years I have attended many amazing Photography and Digital Art programs around Canada and US. One place that really stands out for me and my staff is Image Exploration in British Columbia, Canada. Every year we return to IE and leave there much smarter, a bit fatter, two hundred and something new best friends and a way to make my photography skills better and my studio much more profitable. They truly do an excellent job choosing a diverse group of highly educated instructors with lots to share. To top that, the location is incredible, the food is excellent, comfortable rooms, lots of social time with other students/instructors and the kindest staff. I am stoked for IE 2010. I highly recommend IE for anyone, the best money you can spend on your education, it like a holiday with friends while you are learning how to be great at what you love!”

Tyler Meade Photography


_MG_3579“To talk about IE is like talking about a good old friend…I learned about IE seven years ago and attended it the very same year. I haven’t missed a single one since, and of course, I am attending it again this year, that is seven years in the row. This fact in a nut-shell, probably, will give you a good picture about what I think about IE. Yes, learning is the reason I attended the first IE, and I still do, however, IE is much more than that. It is about learning from 8 am to 5pm, it is about meeting old friends, making new friends, getting entertained every evening, eating great food and as much as you need to, trade show, have a drink or two with new and old friends, and much more in a spectacular setting. For me IE is not just a place to learn anymore, it is also a get away place, step aside from day to day work and get refreshed. Then there is people who put it all together with Don McGregor at the top that treat you like royalty and welcome you to their new family.”


_ABP2762“I just wanted to thank-you and your amazing crew for another spectacular year at Image Explorations. The incredible instructors and the casual atmosphere make for a great learning environment. I would add that I have learned a great deal from networking with the other photographers who attend IE as well. Having organized and facilitated a number photography workshops and I can appreciate the time and effort it takes to put IE together. Your crew and yourself make the event fun, relaxed and most importantly money well spent. Every year that I have come away from IE, I walk out even more inspired and with a greater wealth of information. I can honestly say that attending IE has been the biggest boost to my photography business. I look forward to it every year and pass on the word to other photographers who want to advance their career.”

Thank-you so much, sincerely,
Dirk Heydemann